Mastering Services

Delivery: Every attempt will be made to meet your production schedule, however we cannot guarantee an exact pick up or shipping date nor do we assume any liability should we not meet an anticipated delivery date.

Warranty: Warranty is limited to analog master tape in order to cover possible damages occurred during the shipment of the goods. Any and all claims made for defective merchandise must be made within two days from delivery.

Commercial Master Tape (CMT)

You acknowledge that:

A - your use of the CMT is limited to your own personal use and the CMT shall not be commercially exploited by you in any way;

B - Once a CMT is purchased and you receive it, it is your responsibility not to lose, destroy, or damage it., and we shall be without liability to you in the event to any loss, destruction, or damage. 

C - use of CMT will require the use of other hardware products (such as a proper analog player devices) and that such hardware is your responsibility.

D - Any dubbing o digital copy of the purchased CMT are solely an accommodation to you and shall not constitute a grant or waiver (or other limitation or implication) of any rights of the copyrights owners in any content, sound recording, underlying musical composition, or artwork embodied in any CMT. 

C - Your use of the CMT is conditioned upon your prior acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.

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